Baltimore: The Tinderbox and the Tourniquet

Voices from West Baltimore in the Wake of the 2015 Rebellion and Bourgeois State Intervention by Kilmor In the summer of 2018, a mixture of communists and those interested in walking the revolutionary road traveled from a handful of cities across North America to meet in downtown Baltimore, Maryland for an intensive three-day social investigationContinue reading “Baltimore: The Tinderbox and the Tourniquet”

A call for communist social investigation a year after the summer of rebellion

Issue #4 Editorial By the kites Editorial Committee (April 2020) Opportunities missed, claimed, and coming Over the past year and change, a rapid succession of crises have gripped North America. The pandemic has brought premature death to over half a million people and the agonizing pain of losing loved ones to so many more. AllContinue reading “A call for communist social investigation a year after the summer of rebellion”

Against the Tide of Counter-Revolution

An Interview with Comrade Kiran (Mohan Baidya), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) The following interview will appear in kites #4, which is due out sometime in late spring of 2021. Editorial Introduction In the 1990s, when the ruling classes were proclaiming the permanent victory of capitalism-imperialism in all corners ofContinue reading “Against the Tide of Counter-Revolution”