“Banish Pessimism and Defeatism”

An Interview with Umberto Corti of the Central Committee of the (new) Italian Communist Party Part 2 of On Granite Conviction: Revolutionary Communism in Italy Today Editorial Introduction from kites In April 2021, the kites Editorial Committee conducted this interview with comrade Umberto Corti of the (new) Italian Communist Party ((n)PCI). The (n)PCI was establishedContinue reading ““Banish Pessimism and Defeatism””

Against the Tide of Counter-Revolution

An Interview with Comrade Kiran (Mohan Baidya), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) The interview was conducted in January 2021 and appears in the kites Issue #4. Editorial Introduction In the 1990s, when the ruling classes were proclaiming the permanent victory of capitalism-imperialism in all corners of the globe, a smallContinue reading “Against the Tide of Counter-Revolution”

“Like we’re fighting for our lives…”

An Interview by Kersplebedeb with Kenny Lake and Amil K. from the kites Editorial Committee KERSPLEBEDEB: What is kites? Who produces it? Kenny Lake: kites published its first issue in January 2020, aiming to fill the need for communist theory and strategy for revolution in North America, and to do so in a way thatContinue reading ““Like we’re fighting for our lives…””