“We are both the subject and the object of the revolution”

An Interview with Italy’s CARC Party by the kites editorial committee Part 1 of On Granite Conviction:Revolutionary Communism in Italy Today Editorial Introduction from kites In the interest of learning everything we can from seasoned and still-in-the-struggle communist revolutionaries—especially those in other imperialist countries, and even more especially those with a strong connection to andContinue reading ““We are both the subject and the object of the revolution””

The contraband of revolutionary theory

Introducing KITES, a journal of communist theory and strategy for revolution in North America by Amil K. To read and download in PDF, click here. In the American and Canadian prison systems, kites are “contraband” correspondence shared among inmates, and between inmates and those on the outside. Tiny, folded-up pieces of paper, kites are slippedContinue reading “The contraband of revolutionary theory”