Drawing Blood: A Guide to Communist Agitation

Click on cover image for printable PDF of this manual from OCR. During his struggle with the economists (those Marxists who restricted their political work to struggles over the immediate conditions of exploitation at the factory), Lenin, in his seminal work What Is to Be Done?, wrote: A basic condition for the necessary expansion ofContinue reading “Drawing Blood: A Guide to Communist Agitation”

Looking Back to Face Forward

The Role of Summation in the Revolutionary Process The great helmsman of the Chinese Communist Revolution, Mao Zedong, elaborated a four-step method for guiding revolutionary practice: 1. Make a plan.2. Carry out the plan.3. Sum up the experience.4. Make a new plan. This didn’t just spring from the grand intellect of Mao, but was forgedContinue reading “Looking Back to Face Forward”