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We stand for active ideological struggle because it is the weapon for ensuring unity within the Party and the revolutionary organizations in the interest of our fight. Every Communist and revolutionary should take up this weapon.-Mao Zedong, Combat Liberalism

Mao Zedong, Combat Liberalism

We strongly encourage comrades in the US and Canada to take up the challenge of building discussion groups around kites, taking up a collective study and discussion of articles in our journal. Participating in regular, organized discussion of kites is one crucial way for people who aspire to be communists to put the principles that they proclaim into practice by training themselves and others in communist theory, engaging in active ideological struggle, and forging collectivity.

To help facilitate the creation and leadership of kites discussion groups, the kites editorial committee has authored
A kites readers’ guide to starting a discussion group.

We are also making available a series of discussion questions that have been useful to comrades in discussion of kites. We encourage other readers to send us the discussion questions that they’ve used in their own discussion for hosting here as well.

Discussion questions: The Specter that Still Haunts: Locating a Revolutionary Class Within Contemporary Capitalism-Imperialism

Discussion questions: Kick ’em While They’re Down

Discussion questions: Malcolm X Didn’t Dish Out Free Bean Pies

Discussion questions: Defund, Abolish… but what about Overthrow?