Some Orientation to Our Readers on the Continued Struggle Against Police Killings

by the kites Editorial Committee Published February 2023 2023 opened with three high-profile murders by police across the US. In Los Angeles, Keenan Anderson was tasered six times and died of cardiac arrest due to the brutality of the police. In Atlanta, Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán was shot dead by police while taking part in aContinue reading “Some Orientation to Our Readers on the Continued Struggle Against Police Killings”

Everything Changed/Nothing Changed: Minneapolis a Year After the Rebellion

kites received the following submission from a group of readers who undertook a social investigation project this summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This report is drawn from those conversations and interviews, which took place in the time period following the murder of Daunte Wright in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center and the conviction of killerContinue reading “Everything Changed/Nothing Changed: Minneapolis a Year After the Rebellion”

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Defund, Abolish…but what about Overthrow?

By kites editorial committee members in the US Following the protests and rebellions ignited by the police murder of George Floyd, calls to “defund” and “abolish” the police have grown in popularity, mostly among the activist/Leftist crowd and the progressive petty-bourgeoisie. Some elected officials have given their endorsement to these calls, and the Minneapolis cityContinue reading “Defund, Abolish…but what about Overthrow?”

Nothing is Hard in This World if you Dare to Scale the Heights

By the kites Editorial Committee Click here for a printable PDF of this article. A series of outrages and the protests and rebellions that followed them have laid bare to a new generation, to white people willing to listen, and to the whole world a cold but potentially liberating truth: White supremacy and the oppressionContinue reading “Nothing is Hard in This World if you Dare to Scale the Heights”