Defund, Abolish…but what about Overthrow?

By kites editorial committee members in the US Following the protests and rebellions ignited by the police murder of George Floyd, calls to “defund” and “abolish” the police have grown in popularity, mostly among the activist/Leftist crowd and the progressive petty-bourgeoisie. Some elected officials have given their endorsement to these calls, and the Minneapolis cityContinue reading “Defund, Abolish…but what about Overthrow?”

Nothing is Hard in This World if you Dare to Scale the Heights

By the kites Editorial Committee A series of outrages and the protests and rebellions that followed them have laid bare to a new generation, to white people willing to listen, and to the whole world a cold but potentially liberating truth: White supremacy and the oppression of Black people are fundamental to the foundations andContinue reading “Nothing is Hard in This World if you Dare to Scale the Heights”

Manifesto of the Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (US)

Publication of the print version of kites #2 is delayed due to the pandemic. However, we will be posting new content here on our website. The following Manifesto of the Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (OCR) is our indictment of US imperialism and the entire capitalist-imperialist system it is part of; our conception of the goalContinue reading “Manifesto of the Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (US)”