Key Words: Communist vs. Leftist and Postmodernist Conceptions

Today, when people in North America join protests against injustice, try to understand what’s behind all the oppression in the world, and look for strategies to end it, they soon encounter Leftist and postmodernist politics, especially on social media, and are quickly inculcated in Leftist and postmodernist world outlooks.1 Since Leftist and postmodernist politics andContinue reading Key Words: Communist vs. Leftist and Postmodernist Conceptions

Seven Theses on Imperialism and the Drug War

by Aiyanas Ormond kites received the following submission from Aiyanas Ormond, a leading activist within the International League of People’s Struggles chapter in Canada who also has considerable experience and knowledge on the question of the bourgeoisie’s drug war, gained in part through eleven years of work in the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.Continue reading Seven Theses on Imperialism and the Drug War

The Psychosis of Imperialism

kites Issue #7 Editorial by the kites Editorial Committee As the crisis of the world capitalist-imperialist system deepens and the bourgeoisie has no resolution, and in the absence of an international communist movement posing a revolutionary alternative, not just individuals but whole classes are losing their damn minds. The COVID-19 pandemic—not so much the virusContinue reading “The Psychosis of Imperialism”

Contested Nation

Ukraine and the Present War Amidst a History of Great Power Politics and Inter-Imperialist Rivalries by F.O. Marthoz (July 2022) INTRODUCTION How the imperialists fight each other while blaming another Europe is at war once again, for the third time in a little over a century: the specter of communism, we are told, is hauntingContinue reading “Contested Nation”