A Revolutionary People Requires a Revolutionary Literature

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kites is a theoretical and strategic collaboration among communist revolutionary organizations and individuals throughout North America. This journal unites us in the project of cultivating a revolutionary people across North America that sees the urgency of overthrowing capitalism-imperialism and in struggling for a communist future. To all those who share this fundamental aspiration with us, we say: let’s get serious about orchestrating the conditions of possibility to make this happen.

While the organizations behind kites are grounded in the day-to-day work of bringing the masses into confrontation with their class enemies and in creating proletarian class struggle formations wherever they can, we recognize that a revolutionary people on a much grander scale will be required if we are to put an end to the death march of this collapsing capitalist-imperialist civilization we are locked within.Despite the unbearable conditions people are being made to endure, despite two years of explosive social rebellions across the world, no political formation has emerged anywhere across North America with the intention (let alone the capability!) of confronting anything beyond very localized manifestations of capitalism-imperialism. This is less of a critique than it is a recognition of an objective historical fact. But we know from our reading of the history of proletarian revolutions that the only thing that has ever shifted objective conditions in the favour of popular revolution is the well-organized force of communist revolutionaries. In brief, the subjective factor. This is where a revolutionary literature comes into play.

The tasks of a revolutionary literature include breaking the stranglehold that our class enemies’ ideologies have on the minds of the people. We need a revolutionary literature that clarifies not only the necessity but the possibility of proletarian revolution in our lifetimes. We need a literature that consolidates and propagates the most effective methods of work; we need to sum up any and all rich practices of proletarian struggle within recent history; and we need to be making timely ideological and political interventions in the events that are rapidly unfolding around us. Amidst all this, we need a revolutionary literature that cultivates the outlook, intentions, spirit, and practice of a revolutionary people. It must be known in the hearts and minds of the many, including our own, that communism is as much the social origin of our species as it is the only future worth fighting for.

kites was created to do all of this. We intend for it to be practical, accessible, compelling, and visionary all at the same time. To all those who are ready to give their lives over to something better than alienated, individual survival, to all those ready to banish the monstrosities born of the capitalist epoch of human existence (as well as all those grotesqueries that have been passed down from every other class-divided and patriarchal civilization that preceded it), we call on you to seriously engage with kites material. Write us your thoughts and tell us what we’re missing. Share a commentary on something interesting for us to consider. Start a kites study group with peers who are also looking for revolutionary answers, collectively sum up your thoughts, and send them our way.

We aren’t making an open call for submissions to some eclectic or dogmatically defined publication. We’re interested in finding comrades who are ready and willing to humble themselves before the people by (1) immersing themselves in and carrying out meaningful social investigation into proletarian life and struggle in their own regions; and (2) learning how to bring that back to the people in the form of increasingly effective agitation, propaganda, and, in a consolidating spiral from the masses and back to the masses, proletarian organization and struggle. Hit us up at kites-journal@protonmail.com, ideally from another ProtonMail account that you access through a VPN like the easy-to-use TOR Browser Bundle or any other VPN service that you’re comfortable working with. We’re making plans to crack the empire. You in?

kites Editorial Committee

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