Pre-order kites #5-6 now

We are pleased to announce that issue #5-6 is now available for pre-order here. For more information on bulk orders for study groups or local distribution, visit our ordering page. This special double-issue of kites contains 339pp of editorials, articles, essays, reports, and one interview, so while kites #5-6 amounts to double the content of a regular issue, producing it in a single-bounded volume means we’re able to bring it to you for $18USD/$23CDN (rather than what it’d cost for two separately bound issues).

Most of the contents of kites #5-6 are now online, which you can find in clickable links below and from our main page. The remainder will be released in the coming weeks. Consider purchasing a physical copy, not only to help support this project’s material sustenance, but, and this is the more important part, to make a commitment to read its content, and pass it along to someone who’d also benefit from a read, like a kite.