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The following is preview content from the forthcoming document The CP, the Sixties, the RCP, and the Crying Need for a Communist Vanguard Party Today: Summing up a century of communist leadership, organization, strategy, and practice in the United States so that we can rise to the challenges before us by the Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (US). This document will be published in early 2023 as kites #8. Check back here for pre-order info.

Table of Contents:


The CP

  • Antecedents
  • 1917–23: Forming the Party…well…Parties
  • 1923–25: Grandiose schemes and outmaneuvered maneuvers
  • 1925–28: Bolsheviks gonna bolshevize; factionalists gonna factionalize
  • 1928–33: The dawn of the red decade
  • 1933–35: Broadening out
  • 1935–39: The Popular Front
  • 1939–41: Soviet diplomatic maneuvers and American dogmatic idiocy
  • 1941–45: Capitulation and liquidation
  • 1945–…: Stuck in the swamp of revisionism, never to escape

The Sixties: A Revolutionary Decade without a Vanguard

  • What gave rise to the revolutionary storms?
  • From revolt to revolutionaries; from sharpening objective contradictions to subjective revolutionary forces
  • The paths the Sixties generation of revolutionaries took: an overview
  • The bourgeoisie regains the initiative: the regime of preventive counterrevolution in the 1970s


  • 1968–72: Moving mountains – The early RU
  • 1972–76: Building the Party
  • 1976–78: Discarding the CP baggage
  • 1978–81: “Better fewer, fewer better” – Taking a bold stand with cold revolutionary politics in command
  • 1982–88: “Masters of the wharf or slaves to tonnage?” – Hinging revolutionary work on a grand crisis ahead
  • 1989–91: “The end of a stage, the beginning of a new stage”
  • 1992–2001: Proletarian islands in a petty-bourgeois sea; severing political work from revolutionary objectives
  • 2001–2003: Gaining a mass following, but at what cost?
  • 2004–5: A “cultural revolution” without the masses
  • 2005–8: Fewer, but not better
  • 2009–15: The “new communism” in practice
  • 2016–20: “First time as tragedy, second time as farce”
  • The Party’s over

The Crying Need for a Communist Vanguard Party Today

  • The 2010s as a decade of revolutionary potential diverted
  • What would it take to build a vanguard?
  • Some particularities that the construction of a new vanguard in the US needs to pay attention to

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